Angel baby

Falling Star

          There’s a special place beyond the clouds,
          Where golden rivers flow,
          A place where sadness never dwells,
          And warmth and sunshine glow.

          Amidst the clouds, celestial beings,
          With wings and halo’s bright,
          Flutter softly through the air,
          In divine eternal light.

          This place it knows, no sorrow,
          And tears here never fall,
          For in the presence of the Lord,
          Great love is felt by all.

          And in this wondrous paradise,
          Beyond the starlit sky
          The smallest of the angels,
          Is learning how to fly.

          She carefully lifts her feathered wings,
          And holds her head up high,
          She soars throughout the universe,
          With confidence and pride.

          Yet this tiny, pure, angelic child,
          Has one thing she must do.
          She searches out the brightest star,
          To send back down to you.

          There is no greater loss in life,
          Than those who’ve lost their child,
          Yet tiny angels only fly,
          When they see their parents smile.

          So when you look up to the sky,
          And see a falling star,
          Just know the child you grieve so much,
          Is never all that far.

~ Lisa J Schlitt ©2004 ~
All Rights Reserved 

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[ Author: Lisa J Schlitt, Copyright © 2004 ( -- submitted by: Lisa J Schlitt ]


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