Farewell to Yesterday

          I closed the door to yesterday
          threw away the key.
          I quickly ran away
          and knew that it must be.

          Never must I open it
          or even glimpse inside,
          no more anguish or suffering,
          but only life outside.

          Don't look back on yesterday,
          always look ahead,
          moving forward in the surest way,
          leading, never led.

          Everything to live for,
          everything to feel,
          love, tears, joy and pain,
          the things that make life real.

          As I close the door behind me,
          so definite and sure,
          I open anew another chance,
          even better than before.

          A chance to grow and flourish,
          a chance to stumble and then,
          with God's help pick up myself
          and go forward once again.

          As I open the door to tomorrow,
          I'm happy, as though I could shout!
          by closing the door to yesterday,
          I'm learning what life's about.

          By putting my best foot forward,
          moving in the surest way,
          my heart won't yearn, if I never return
          to the path of yesterday.

~ Kathy Reams ~

[ by: Kathy Reams, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Telayna Reams (bad_42069@yahoo.com) ]


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