Father's garden.

Father Plants A Garden

In the dirt father planted seed
To fill his families needs
Then later a beautiful garden grew
From god's rain and a suns yellow hue
As the garden had fully grown
With dad's work on his own
Also with the acts of god it's outshone
A plentiful harvest with a variety
Many good vegetables in visibility
Ripe and ready to be picked
Many many days he picked
Then packed them in a tall
White five gallon bucket
As he lastingly looked at all
He was wet dripping with sweat
The garden was totally all empty
Stripped necked bare anudly
Until mid spring of next year
Dad's gardening is through at seasons end
Time to eat a garden fresh blend
Here at home till next year.

~ Meshelle Brown ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Meshelle Brown, Copyright © 2010 ( mishabrown@localnet.com ) -- submitted by: Meshelle Brown ]

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