Faults Security

          "Well, hello, Mr. Sinner,
          yes, I recognize your face!
          Just come on in,
          I'm glad your Sin
          has brought you to this place."

          "What!? No, sirree! You can't mean me!
          There must be some mistake!
          You've got it wrong! I don't belong
          inside this fiery lake!

          "I went to church each Sunday,
          why, I even sang in choir!
          Tithed ten percent! Hey, I'm not meant
          for everlasting fire!

          "I never swore! Gave to the poor!
          I stayed true to my wife...
          I certify that that's no lie!
          I lived a moral life!

          "Go check it out! I've been devout!
          By now it should be clear:
          I've been too good! Done like I should!
          I don't belong down here!"

          The devil leered and smugly sneered,
          and took a spiteful stance:
          "You stupid man! You scorned God's Plan!
          He gave you every chance!

          "You filled some needs with your good deeds,
          you earned the folks' respect,
          Throughout your town and miles around,
          they loved you, I expect.

          "And deep inside, you burst with pride,
          you lived a sinner's dream...
          Your head held high, in every eye,
          they held you in esteem.

          "I had you, friend ~ right to the end,
          you took that bait of mine:
          'I'm my own man! Forget God's Plan' ~
          You bought my favorite line!

          "You're all the same, you always blame,
          when all is said and done...
          I've heard it all, you cry and bawl,
          and curse God's only Son.

          "Through intellect, you all reject
          Salvation through the Cross,
          'Cause you're 'too smart' ~
          you close your heart!
          And that's your final loss!

          "Like all 'wise-guys' ~ in your own eyes,
          you're 'good-enough'...so, why...
          If good alone makes you God's own,
          Why did Christ have to die?

          "And, hey, my friend ~ God didn't send
          you here with me to dwell...
          You took the bait! You sealed your fate!
          You FOOL! ~ Welcome to Hell!"


          "Do you see a man
          wise in his own eyes?
          There is more hope
          for a fool
          than for him..."

          (Proverbs 26:12 NIV)

[ by: Connie Hinnen Cook (cjcook@mynewroads.com) -- from Connie Hinnen Cook ]


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