Fear Not

          One night long ago
          Life was at a desperate low

          In my sorrow and through my tears
          I bared the pain of so many years

          As I layed down my head on my pillow that night
          I pleaded with you to help me give up the fight

          With no will of my own and through your own
          You gave me the strength to keep holding on

          You touched me that night so I would know
          You are with me everywhere I go

          You helped me to see that the pain won’t last
          In a matter of time it will all come to past

          You replaced my grief with much needed relief
          In the presence of pain you gave me peace

          Lost in doubt you gave me hope
          And an understanding of why you said “No”

          You opened my eyes so I could see
          The wonderful promise you have made to me

          Your love is pure and it is strong
          You love us all, even when we are wrong

          Only you are so constant and true
          That long ago night I gave my heart to you

          You are my Father and my best friend
          Trusting in you, I fear not the end

          Thank you GOD for all that you do
          I love you too

~ Trudy Winstead ~

[ by: Trudy Winstead, Copyright © 2006 (twinstead@worldnet.att.net) -- submitted by: Trudy Winstead ]


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