Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

God gave us eyes that we might see,
the things He created for you and me.
I'm in awe of what He's done,
by the spoken Word of His Son.

I have ears to hear what God is saying,
He hears my heart when I am praying.
I have faith by the hearing of the ear,
trusting in God without fear.

My mouth is made to speak God's Word,
telling the news till all have heard,
It's not fair that I should know,
and not tell others where they can go.

My heart goes out to those in need,
This world is filled with sin and greed.
With my heart I love my Savior,
it was His love that gave me favor.

I have hands to help my brother and sister,
help me Lord to be a good listener.
I lift my hands to praise my Father,
While with others, it's a bother.

How beautiful the feet that carry the good news,
tho the sceptics have their views.
So these feet were made for walking,
and my mouth was made for talking.

As we can see we're fearfully and wonderfully made,
The debt we had is already paid,
It took the blood, of God's own Son,
to pay the price for everyone.

We are vesels that God chose,
I want to be where His Spirit goes,
He has become the love of my life,
I'm no longer filled with sin and strife.

Mary Eldridge

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2003 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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