Feathered Faith

I watched the feather floating down,
And was reminded of what I once read,
That an angel was somewhere around me,
And this feather for me had been shed.

A glorious fall afternoon,
The sun ablaze in the sky,
But as I raked the fallen leaves,
Again I was wondering, why?

My thoughts were filled with confusion,
Though I tried to push them away,
So many feelings from the past,
Seemed determined, once more, to stay.

That's when I saw this feather,
And knew You were somewhere near,
For You had sent an angel,
To remove the lingering fear.

And as I took this white feather,
And held it gently in my hand,
I felt a warmth grow in my heart,
And began to again understand.

When I lifted my eyes to thank You,
An angel was soaring away,
And as she flew to Your open arms,
I knew peace would be here today.

[ Bonnie Church, Copyright 2001 (bchurch@rochester.rr.com) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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