Field of Joys

      Sometimes along life's pathways - There will come along a Friend,
      Who gets to know you inside-out right to the very end,
      And depth and height and width, of all that makes you 'You'
      And they continue liking you no matter what you do.

      They get to see inside of you, where others dare not go.
      And soon they are a part of you and, oh, you love them so.
      They let you laugh. They share your joy.
      They help you through the day.
      And no matter what you've said or done.
      They will not turn away.

      Sometimes, when things are getting rough,
      and when the crying's done,
      They'll join with you in games and play -
      Just like when you were young -
      And had a special playmate who would run the Field of Joys,
      That children find around the bend with girls or with boys.

      They're honest. They are faithful. They try never to betray -
      The precious trust between you - as you live from day to day.
      It's so hard to describe them. And though it might sound odd.
      My best way to describe them is - They are a gift from God.

      And so, my Friend, I'm writing with a thankful heart to say -
      I'm so glad I've a friend like you - You've helped me on my way.
      So, thank you for just being there. And thank you for the toys.
      But mostly - Thanks for running with me through the Field of Joys.

[ Author Unknown -- from Aiken Drum ]


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