First Light

At first light I snuggle under the blankets of my bed
Thinking of the day ahead
But before I venture far in thought
I greet my Lord, spending time before I'm caught
In the rush of the day.

It's in those early quiet moments when He and I
Communicate--my deepest thoughts, my fears and try
To express my overwhelming gratitude
For all He has done for me, changing my attitude
Before the rush of the day.

Praying for guidance for this new day,
Asking for help for whatever may
Cross my path along the way
Or for whatever folks may say
During the rush of the day.

At first light I give thanks to Him
Before the onslaught of the day's din.
I praise Him for giving me life
When all around me there is so much strife
In the rush of the day.

I thank Him for His sustaining care
In a world where I can often share
How much He loves us all.
I pray I'm faithful to His call.
In the midst of the rush of the day.

[ by: Margaret A. Comstock, Copyright 2000 -- from 'Theamestream' ]


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