Follow Me

The morning was dawning on that fateful day
Stunned silence, no words could they find to say
For was rolled aside, the heavy gray stone
An empty tomb they were now being shown

The first rays of sun that fell upon the cave
Revealed not the One to the world came to save
They entered the place where the Savior was laid
Two days before, a great debt He had paid

Amidst blood stained linens, their sorrow was great
His body was gone, and they knew not His fate
Sadness and mourning now turned into fright
For standing among them two men clothed in white

They bowed down in fear then one of the men said
Why do you look for the living among the dead?
Into the hands of sinful men the Son of Man was given
He was crucified, dead, but now He is risen!

Joy replaced fear as they ran from that place
Knowing that soon they would see His face
The good news was spread by His followers then
The birth of the church was soon to begin

From the depths of that tomb so dark and so cold
Came the good news of life for which we are told
Christ Jesus did come here to show us the way
"Follow me" is what He tells us today.

- Steven Walls -

[ by: Steven Walls Copyright 2004, ( -- submitted by: Steven Walls ]


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