Forgiveness with His nail-scarred hand,

Reaches out in love.

He sits upon a jasper throne,

On high in Heaven above.

No longer does a crown of thorns,

Sit upon His head.

The crown of thorns is now replaced

With a golden crown instead.

The garment that Forgiveness wears

Is one of snowy white.

Symbolic of His cleansing blood,

That removes your every blight.

Thirty-nine lashes on His back,

He bore them all for you.

And by each stripe, you can be healed

When you are born anew.

Jesus is Forgiveness.

He yearns to hear you cry.

"Lord, save me and forgive me."

And He stands ready to comply.

His mercy is renewed each day.

His grace forever abounds.

Enter into His loving arms,

Where peace and love is found.

You’ll want to sing and praise Him,

As He sits upon His throne.

And because He is Forgiveness,

One day you’ll share His home.

Emily McAdams

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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