Forgiveness Is Sweet

It was so hard to forgive
those who hurt and did me wrong,
the ones who lied, and those who tried
to snuff out my victor's song.

I took the shame and sorrow
they heaped upon my soul,
I bent and broke in pieces,
no longer strong and whole.

My self esteem was zero,
I felt worthless, stained with dirt,
I bowed beneath the burden,
unsure, defamed, and hurt.

But then I met the Savior,
and saw the way He came
to mankind meek and lowly,
shaped of a different frame;

Earthly beauty did not matter,
neither wealth nor fame,
but just to please the Father,
this man with God's own name.

I took His life unto me,
gave Him what had been mine,
I no longer had to worry
if men were cruel or unkind.

I asked for His forgiveness,
and shared it with those in need
of forgiveness for their mortal selves,
for sinful word or deed.

As I granted this Grace, forgiveness,
I gained a blessed relief,
my spirit grew strong with honor,
my heart grew full of peace.

I now seek only God's opinion;
Is He pleased with me?
For He alone is worthy
to judge and require a change in me.

[ by: Joyce Guy (Joy Of Art Shop) -- {for SkyWriting.Net} ]


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