Rainbow after a storm pased over a farm field.

Forgotten Light

Turn left, right, or out of sight
I realize I am lost
I scan around for some light
And debate all the costs

As I stumble on my own
I doubt of my findings
For great divine light to show
Me to understanding

The emerald trees hide my way
And I just cannot see
Also as the clouds today
Decide to rain on me

I trudge through the dreary wood
As if it could not help
Lift my spirit as it should
Out of crying itself

My tears melt into the rain
I wonder of some warmth
To illuminate my way
And ease me from my storm

I recall past lessons learned
About patience, prayer, Christ,
And faith much righteously earned
During a painful life

I realize I forgot these
Very important notes
In remembrance to believe
I am never alone

To earn these much valued notes
I forget my standings
And kneel in a muddy moat
For His light to guide me

Throughout my apology
I wonder if He will
Bless me in humility
And call the skies to still

Once several minutes linger
I end my prayer in peace
And leave alone an eager
Plead for the storm to leave me

Unexpectedly I see
The grey clouds roll away
As divine sunshine now beams
And lights up my lost way

~ A. E. Jones ~
Copyright © 2013
All Rights Reserved

[ by: A. E. Jones, Copyright © 2013 ( moon_star09@hotmail.com ) -- submitted by: A. E. Jones ]

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