Found Mine

At work I cannot clear my head,
I try to concentrate.
I knew I should have signed off early,
I stayed up too late.

But when Iím with him late at night,
The time somehow just flies,
And then itís later than I know,
Before I realize.

We seem to fit together,
Like a hand inside a glove.
Itís hard when you are drawn together,
Not to fall in love.

So many things you share together,
Digging deep inside.
The barriers are all torn down,
And hearts are open wide.

Iíve never felt this way before,
Or loved so much to share.
I guess itís just because I know,
That he does really care.

I talk to others in my life,
The friends I have are fine.
What mystifies me most of all,
Is this one is on-line.

His words are all so perfect,
When we sit alone and chat.
He knows my heart inside and out,
He knows just where Iím at.

He understands my every thought,
He understands my ways,
And he is all I think about,
When going through my days.

At work I sit and watch the clock,
Waiting to take flight,
Because I know Iíll talk to him,
Later on tonight.

Iíve known a lot of people,
From the places I have been,
But never have I met someone,
That can compare to him.

My friends donít understand the reason,
That I must get home.
They are confused and think that I,
Just want to be alone.

I used to go out with them,
And we used to have great fun,
But now when I go out with them,
I cannot wait to run.

I do not understand myself,
How this thing came about,
Or what has made me want to be,
With him and not go out.

I only know that when I am,
With him late in the night,
The things we share in cyberspace,
Just makes my world seem right.

Itís not that Iím an introvert,
Or havenít known other men.
Itís just that Iím most happy,
When Iím on-line with him.

He touches me in many ways,
It is not physical.
Itís so much more than I have ever,
Known in my real world.

I know that many people laugh,
And do not understand.
How I get excited,
While Iím here in cyber land.

But one thing people do not know,
While searching for their dream.
I found what they are looking for,
Right here on my screen.

My friends all look for happiness,
And want the perfect man,
And spend their night just searching,
In the places that they can.

But while they waste their time out there,
And weed through all the guys,
I have found the perfect lover,
Here before my eyes.

They think that I am foolish,
And I just waste all my time.
They say there is no truth to finding,
Love when youíre on-line.

But I have found the perfect man,
In every single way,
And he will hold me in his arms,
And cherish me one day.

But for now Iím happier,
Than I have ever been,
Because I know what true love is,
And itís because of him.

So laugh and giggle all you want,
About a love on-line,
And while you search the world for love,
Remember, I found mine!

[ by James A. Kisner © 1999 (PoppyK1@aol.com) -- {used with permission} ]


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