As I sit by the willows,

          Lost in deep thought

          Dear memories of you surface

          With all that you've brought

          To the friendship we've cherished

          Throughout passing years,

          Bringing joy and sweet laughter -

          And just a few tears.

          Remember the springtimes,

          The summers and Falls,

          The Winters and sleigh times?

          How we savored them all!

          The seasons have lengthened

          And we've gone separate ways,

          But I've never forgotten

          Those blest, happy days.

          And though space now divides us,

          And keeps us apart,

          I hardly need tell you

          Your 're close in my heart,

          For I'll always remember

          With gratitude-plus

          The importance of friendships,

          Dear memories of us.

[ by: Vi B. Chevalier -- from Ross (Lynne's list), via ]


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