From the Cradle to the Cross

          He had ten tiny fingers
          and such cute little toes;
          pink, rosy cheeks,
          and a sweet little nose.

          An innocent babe,
          such a delight to behold,
          yet the coming of this child
          had long been foretold.

          For He was the Messiah,
          the Redeemer of man,
          conceived through the Spirit;
          part of God's plan.

          Years passed and He grew,
          then in love He reached out.
          The miracles He worked
          should have left little doubt

          That this was God's Son,
          no ordinary man He,
          sent forth to deliver,
          to pardon, set free.

          He spoke of new life;
          and showed others the way
          to be granted forgiveness;
          receive salvation that day.  

          But many were deaf
          to the truth of God's Word.
          They had ears to listen
          yet their hearts never heard.

          His ministry on earth
          brought Him not man's esteem,
          for many would reject
          that their souls He'd redeem.

          Still He gave up His life;
          bore man's guilt; suffered shame.
          Obeying His Father,
          The Sacrificial Lamb He became.

          His life's blood poured out
          for the remission of sin;
          yet He conquered even death
          when He arose once again.

          Now salvation is promised
          to all who'll believe;
          eternal life offered
          if the Son they'll receive.

          The gift of God's Son
          sent from Heaven above;
          from the cradle to the cross:
          the story of God's love.

Sherry Brady - December 2005

"not I, but Christ"  Galatians 2:20

[ by: Sherry Brady (, © 2005 -- from Glen at 'Kindred Hearts Poetry' ]


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