From Tree to Cross

        Did someone's hand sow the seed of the Tree?

        Or, did the wind blowing in from the Galilee Sea,

        Carry the seed that grew into the Tree,

        That was used for the cross of Calvary?

        Did a bird drop the seed, from high in the air,

        That grew the cross that Christ was to bear?

        Did Christ rest in it's shade and hear the birds sing?

        Was the Tree fragrant with blossoms in spring?

        When He came down the mountain, after His prayer,

        Did he see birds build their nests and feed their young there?

        Who stripped it of branches? Who cut down the Tree?

        Who fashioned the cross of Calvary?

        Who was the man? Was he cursed; was he blest?

        When he finished his labor and sat down to rest,

        What were his thoughts? What did he think?

        Did he realize that he was but a link

        In the chain of events that were to take place?

        Was there sadness upon this man's face?

        Why was he chosen? Why was it he

        Who fashioned the cross for Calvary?

        A seed had been planted and a tree had grown,

        And God our Saviour, alone had known,

        That all these things were meant to be,

        For Christ was to die on Calvary.

        A curse and a blessing; this cross, this Tree.

        And Christ died upon it for you and for me.

[ by Helen Lenore Martin Schatz -- from 'Aiken Drum' ( ]


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