Jesus holding a lamb in His arms.

Gary's Charge

With all honor to The Lamb --

His weakened body was under attack;

Swelling threatened to close his ravaged throat;

Knowing the treatments would be too harsh,

He walked away, trusting the God of all hope!

Still, he stood by his post all thru the day,

And he guarded his sheep by dark of night.

His calling to shepherd God's flock was clear,

And inspired him not to give up the fight.

He encouraged the saints through exhorting,

And taught them from his Father's living Word.

He emptied his spirit of all but faith

And steadfastly held up the two-edged sword.

The power of God's Spirit within him

Was mightier than the foes who beset;

He spoke, as his people held him in prayer,

"Let go and let God, and you'll have no regret."

Lovingly written for Gary and his flock

~ Connie Faust ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved
[ by: Connie Faust Copyright © 2011 ( -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]

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