Glimpse of Heaven.

Glimpse of Heaven

Just close your eyes, imagine yourself
Seeing Jesus right next to the shelf.

Envision Him on your very wall.
Draw yourself in. You can have a ball.

What the picture might could be about -
You and Jesus by a waterspout.

Maybe you see He is carrying you
Through your trials, as He's always true.

Remember when He knocked upon your door.
Worship, Praise, and in Him Adore.

You can see all He has done for you.
You can tell Him that you love Him, too.

When you're in this special awesome place,
You can reach up - touch His Holy face.

This is what I call Heavenly Bliss.
It's just a glimpse of what Heaven is.

© by Joyce C. Lock
[ by: Joyce C. Lock -- All Rights Reserved -- submitted by: Joyce C. Lock ]

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