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God Gave Me a Fistful of Dreams

God gave me a fistful of dreams
Without the funds to pursue them
The mountain was high and steep
Each moment full of worry.

God gave me a fistful of dreams
Without the cash to use them
To teach me He opens doors
By His grace I enter in.

I picked up the tools of my trade
And steadfastly faced the sun
All I needed was His aid
To get the job done.

God gave me a fistful of dreams
He wanted them to have foundations
So the Holy Spirit was the means
I used to face every situation.

There is much I would have missed
If I had had the money to pay
Through that hardship I learned to trust
In Him - He makes a better way.

~ Barbara ~
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Barbara, 2012, ( barbrose3@gmail.com ) - submitted by: Barbara ]

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