God's Artwork

        As dawn of day is awakening

        New beginnings for us to see

        The gentle rain of springtime

        Feeling warmth of a summers breeze

        Colors among a rainbow, in shades of purples and pink

        The golden tones of sunset, grazing the sandy beach

        Snow-peaked mountains, crispness of mornings air

        Crystals of snowflakes drifting, under Heavens gentle care

        Winters wonders, the color of fall

        The blossoms in springtime

        The magic, of this all

        Twinkling of stars, halos of light

        Beauties of mornings, wonders of night

        Creation of family, new birth, new life

        We are Gods Children, we are His love, His life.

- Marty Ford -

[ by: Marty Ford Copyright © 2004 (mjford19@msn.com) -- submitted by: Marty Ford ]


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