God's Helping Hands

Just say Hi to those you meet,
whether in stores or on the street.
It will distract them from their worry,
even though they're in a hurry.

Just a smile upon your face
will change your next door neighbor's pace.
It will put a skip in their walk,
instead of silence they will want to talk.

Just a handshake can do much,
it gives a stranger a friendly touch.
You can give your love in many ways,
spreading sunshine all your days.

Just a little deed to help someone out,
can lift a burden there's no doubt.
Show your kindness everyday,
for our master will repay.

Just a prayer for those you know,
could help someone when they are low.
Our Lord hears and understands,
and we are God's, helping hands.

Just one thing and don't forget,
make sure God, and your neighbors have met.
Don't leave them hanging without a clue.
For them to know Jesus might depend on you.

~ Mary Eldridge ~

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2005 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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