God's Rainbow of Promises

God promised me a rainbow.
He promised one to you.
A rainbow made of love,
forgiveness through and through.

He gave to us, this rainbow-
so glorious to see-
by giving up His only Son-
out of Love for you and me.

In return for God's rainbow,
there are things He asks of us.
Speak only good and helpful words-
not those which are corrupt.

Don't be arrogant or quick tempered.
Live wisely and be fair.
Live a devout and disciplined life-
and your rainbow will be there.

Live a life that's full and rich,
but stay within God's rules.
Remember you're accountable,
for all you say and do.

The Spirit of God lives within you,
and guides you day and night.
Aspire to live as Christ taught us.
Trust that the Spirit is right.

When you are sad and crying,
and life seems full of dread.
"God blesses those who mourn,
for they will be comforted."

One of God's biggest promises,
in the rainbow of His glory-
is forgiving us of our sins,
if we tell Him we are sorry.

And the biggest of God's promises,
when we live with Christ within,
is that life is all eternal-
because He washed away our sins.

© Ellen M. DuBois

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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