God's Rose

    I took a lengthy walk today thinking I was alone.
    I walked so fast I did not see the trees, the sky, the stones.
    Something inside began to warm a place within my heart.
    A voice began to speak to me- and it began to start.
    Although the footsteps I could hear were certainly my own;
    I know there was another set upon the open road.
    It was as if another one was walking by my side-
    whispering words into my ear which made me softly cry.

    "Slow down and look around you, child. There's so much here to see.
    Did you notice that small nest above in My glorious pine tree? Did you
    see the sky, the vibrant sun and feel My breeze upon your face? Have
    you heard the singing stream or seen the eagle fly with grace? Did you
    notice all the colors I have painted on the land? Have you looked at all
    the mountain tops which stand proud and grand? And what of that small
    child, who plays with such delight? Or, the sounds of that child's laughter
    in a world so full of fright? Have you seen the meadow gently sway
    when My wind blows through the air? Did you see the violets in the field -
    or not notice they were there?"

    My steps began to slow until I stood so very still.
    It felt like God had spoken- was this part of His will?
    Or, was it my imagination running wild like the night?
    It felt so real, so warm and true - I knew I couldn't fight-
    His message to look and really 'see' the wonders all around.
    I realized my feet were walking upon more than simply 'ground'.

    A tear made a path down my face and I smiled at the sky.
    I knew my tears were ones of joy and my heart began to fly.
    With every step I saw something as if for the very first time.
    The babbling brook; the soft green grass; the beautiful sunshine.
    I found myself wandering as my steps began to slow.
    I bent over and finally took the time-
    to smell God's glorious rose.

[ by Ellen M. DuBois Copyright © 2003 -- submitted by: Ellen M. DuBois ]


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