God's Special gift . . .

Star of light, Star so bright, Guide the way for me tonight.

Three wise men sent to find the king,

Such special gifts did each man bring.

A baby lay so gentle and sweet,

Our savior's birth was so discreet

This baby is God's special gift

For on this night the balance will shift.

A Savior was born so the World should rejoice.

A price was paid so we may have a choice.

What choice will you make this very night?

Will you take up a cross and follow the light?

Merry Christmas to all our Family & Friends,

And let us reflect as this year ends.

There is so much to be thankful for,

With Jesus in our hearts we can worry no more.

~ Tina Roberts ~

[ by: Christina Renee Roberts, Copyright © 2007 (love4kidz@gmail.com) -- submitted by: Tina Roberts ]


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