God's Will: His Story Unfolding

Oh what a conundrum,
I'm in a horrible state.
I want to know God's will.
To learn my ultimate fate.

I've heard that each person,
Has a life plan - divine.
Others seem to know God's will.
While I'm searching - I can't find.

Stumbling through life,
On a path dull and drear.
Dedicating my all to Him,
Yet silence is what I hear.

The Two great commands -
Jesus gave to His friends,
You must love God Almighty,
And to others, lovingly tend.

So I'll start right there,
And see what comes after.
A small door creaks open,
As I begin a new chapter.

I seem to be learning,
And I want to learn more.
When I'm faithful in little,
God opens new doors.

In hindsight it seems,
Though I know it sounds strange,
God's will for my life,
Was all nicely arranged.

Though it's not how I planned it,
Not my personal preference,
As I seek God's will for my life,
My old nature's found severance.

Though the plot for my life
Once seemed so grand.
I'm glad to find myself found
In the palm of His hand

Don't look for the big,
When you're seeking God's will.
Are you faithful in little,
Or does you heart sometimes chill?

You see, more will be known,
When our response is a yes
The chore may seem small
But we must still do our best

"You've been faithful in little,
Some more will be supplied.
Like precious silver refined,
So is faithfulness tried."

God's will for our lives,
May seem hidden and cold.
But, learn to say yes,
And watch His story unfold.

- Glenn A. Hascall -

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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