Bird on flower pot.

God Cares

A mother bird has built a nest
which was quite different from the rest,
for there between the potted leaves
(not in the trees or under eaves)
she built a cozy little home,
in which to raise her chick alone.

The pot was standing on a wall
and to ensure it wouldn't fall
I moved it to a safer place
where enemies could not give chase -
then in the pot plant in the shade
one spotted little egg was laid.

Onto the porch I daren't go
to clean, to read, to knit or sew.
For fear of frightening Momma dear
I kept my distance; I steered clear
and far away from chick and nest
so that she could relax and rest.

The long awaited day arrived
and to make sure that it survived
I prayed and asked our God up High
to undertake 'till it could fly;
that He supply its every need
until itself the chick could feed.

Yesterday it left the nest
feathered in its Sunday best;
its mom seemed very agitated
but pretty soon her fears abated;
the fledgling spread its wings to fly
and swept into the clear blue sky.

The moral of my story's thus:
God loves us and is good to us;
He cares about things small and big
including that one little chick
hatched from an egg so oddly laid
in that pot in my porch's shade.

~ Belinda van Rensburg ~

[ by: Belinda van Rensburg, Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- submitted by: Belinda van Rensburg ]

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