God Gives A Great Hope

        Life is short at its very best,
        God help each of us to stand the test.
        Death comes soon without a warning,
        For God's Saints, it is joy in the morning.

        The Lord is soon coming for all His own,
        To take us up to our new Heavenly home.
        So let us live holy and be right with God,
        For soon our feet will leave this earthly sod.

        God loves us, He sent his only begotten Son,
        For those who believe, He will save everyone.
        One day we will breathe our final breath,
        And will close our eyes in physical death.

        But the soul and the spirit do not die,
        They will live with Him forever in the sweet by and by.
        Heaven or Hell, for you, what will the future be?
        What we choose will last for all eternity.

        Great are God's promises, great is His love,
        Great is the promise of a new heaven above.
        This earth is but a room or a dressing place,
        To get us ready for God's heavenly space.

        Life is short and will soon pass away,
        So get ready to meet the Lord on that day.
        Great hope He offers to me and to you,
        Trust Him and you will come shining thru.

[ Written by: Newell C. McMahan -- from 'andychaps_the-funnies' ]


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