God Is With You

          If you become weary of life
          Your burdens you don't understand
          Just lean on God in humble prayer
          He holds you in His powerful hands.

          Burdens and trials are only a test
          So keep faith strong and trust in God
          He will never leave nor forsake you
          Keep on walking and onward trod.

          Life is brief for every one
          The weariness of life comes to all
          Don't ever give up ~ God is with you
          At anytime, on Him ~ you may call.

          Our dear Saviour was burdened too
          Yet, He never gave up to defeat
          All you're going through...He knows
          Lay your burdens at His nail-pierced feet.

          Joy will return to you, dear friend
          Just hold to God's Almighty hand
          Even when weary...God is with you
          It's all known to Him in His Plan.

          Life's troubles and trials are a test
          Stay in God's will for every day
          There is a brighter day ahead for you
          Follow Jesus where He leads the way.

~ Leona I. Miller ~

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2006 -- submitted by: Leona I. Miller (Poems4Today@webtv.net) ]


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