God Keeps Watch

Each new day quickly fades away,
There's pleasure from the work God has done;
He gives to us over and over and over again,
From morning's dawn 'til the setting sun.

The Western sky is ablaze with colors,
We pause to watch God paint the sky;
The beauty seen is a glimpse of Heaven,
It's a beautiful moment money can't buy.

We view the stars and the moon above,
They sparkle and shine with their light;
The stars surely must represent Angels,
Keeping watch over us in the night.

God continues to keep watch over us too,
He knows if we stumble or go astray;
He is always willing to forgive if we ask,
There's power when we're on our knees to pray.

As we enjoy another evening's sunset,
Pause to think back for a moment on the day;
Forgive to be forgiven before the sun goes down,
Then there will be peace in the heart to stay.

Be thankful and give praise to God,
He has given blessings and favors again today;
As we come to the busy day's closure,
Don't forget ~ don't ever forget to pray.

~ Leona I. Miller ~
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2005 -- regular contributor: Leona I. Miller ]

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