God's Light

A life of problems I felt bound

Often struggling I'd be found

I sought a peace to rest my mind

And leave these troubles far behind

My life I'll change today I vow

I'll live my life so I'll be proud

For though I'm down I am not through

And giving-ups too easy - I won't do

I'll live life right through heart's desire

And my old ways I will retire

It's easy targets Satan seeks

And no longer shall I be weak

To help me get through each day

I'll take more time for God and pray

As with this poem I'll send a prayer

And ask for me that He be there

That He forgive when I've done wrong

And He helps me to keep faith strong

I will do my best to be prepared

So when final breathes can not be spared

May each day I live I do what's right

By living life within God's light

[ by Tom Quintana, Copyright © 1998 -- from 'TPS' ]


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