God's Love Is everywhere.

The rose there in the garden
Shares its rich and rare perfume;
Though not a word is spoken
We quite naturally assume
That it's one more gift from God,
One more proof of Love divine;
Multiplied with thousands more
Simply boggles heart and mind.

He's the One who shaped the world
Ere it had both frame or form;
He can bid the winds to cease,
He can ride upon the storm.

He's greater than the mountains
And as mighty as the sea;
Yet He Deigns to walk with men
In a sacred company.

Everywhere God's Love is found,
Every tiny bird, each leaf
But confirm His Care for us,
This is my sincere belief.

He's God of all creation,
He Hold the spheres in space,
Each star, a lamp illumined
Is a token of His Grace.

Vocabulary falls short
Of portraying who God is.
Suffice it then, He Loves us,
And we are friends of His!

[ Georgia B. Adams -- From Bill Dorman ]


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