God's Other Blessings

      When you gather 'round the table--on this Thanksgiving Day,
      As you share a meal with loved ones, and bow your head to pray...
      Thanking God for all His blessings, for the bounty He bestows,
      For His wisdom and His kindness, and for sharing all He knows...
      As you praise His loving guidance and take stock of all His gifts,
      Take time to look beyond wealth--and allow your thoughts to drift.

      Don't overlook your struggles, or forget your daily strife,
      Don't thank God for just the good times in this frantic earthly life.
      Take note of all the worries that you've faced along the way,
      Recall your tribulations and your stress from day to day...
      Remember all the cares and woes you've conquered in the past,
      Reflect upon the tears you've shed and troubles you've amassed.

      For all those woes and worries--why, they're merely steppingstones,
      And troubles--they're just bricks along the path to Heaven's home...
      The tears we've shed are Life's sweet rain;
      its flowers spring from strife,
      And trials and tribulations are the mortar in this Life.
      The stress and strain upon our souls unite to make us strong,
      Cares and struggles light the way--when our road is dark and long.

      So thank Him for His bounty, for our families and our friends,
      And for granting us forgiveness--when we must make amends...
      But recall God's other blessings--for their merit's oft untold,
      Praise God for loving you enough--to help you build the road...
      For giving you the tools you'll need--mortar, bricks and stones,
      For the path that leads to Heaven and the stairway to His home.

[ Deborah Simmons, © 1994 (simmons@pathwaynet.com) -- from '2THEHEART' ]


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