God's Seeds

We are but seeds in God's garden,
His garden on Earth, His delight,
the Planter of all of the seeds,
the marvelous Giver of life.

Planted with love and care,
will we then take root and grow?
His help is essential at first
and throughout the process, we know.

For a seed cannot live without water.
A seed cannot live without light.
To grow as He wished when planted
we must seek the water and light.

Pursuing with all of our heart
those things for survival we need.
If we are to live to the fullest,
the Planter we must receive.

For He is the Light and the Water.
He is everything that we need.
To have life abundant and joyful
in the Giver of life, we believe.

[ Written and contributed by: Joanne Warrick, Copyright 2001 ]


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