God's Special Angels

      Little Joe just smiles when the other kids call him names.
      He knows they don't understand. He knows they're not to blame.
      They call him retarded 'cause he's not like all the rest.
      But his mama says he's a child of God; He is specially blessed.

      Every sunny morning, Morris goes out for a walk.
      He is always hoping that someone will stop and talk,
      But most just pass him by, being careful to stay clear.
      What do you say to a blind man? It's his white cane that they fear.

      Mary doesn't go out much; she feels unwelcome in the world.
      She's been told she's different since she was a little girl.
      But it's not a handicap that she can't hear what people say.
      She is just like they are, she just hears in a different way.

      They're God's special angels, the ones God loves the best.
      The special ones that He sends here to teach all the rest
      That what is most important is what's inside our hearts.
      He doesn't love us for what we do; He loves us for who we are.

"For every 'child of God' defeats this evil world by trusting Christ to give the victory."
1 John 5:4 (NLT)

[ by Mark Ellis (info@lighthouseministries.org) -- from '2THEHEART' -- Ed:anon. ]


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