Baby with a Blue Bow.

God's Precious Gift
(A Pro-Life Poem)

God's Precious Gift
You hold in your womb.
A child to love and nurture.
A baby coming soon.
Will he be a doctor, a lawyer or a preacher?
Or maybe it's a girl, I'm sure she'll make a real fine teacher.

God's Precious Gift
A priceless work of art.
Painted by the master;
Designed in his own heart.
Did He give her curls?
Or give him hazel eyes?
A few more months, just wait and see.
The rest is a surprise.

God's Precious Gift
So innocent and pure.
Now you're second guessing?
You say you're just not sure?
A fetus? No, a baby!
Just tissue? No, a life!
Abortion means to kill.
How can that be right?

God's Precious Gift
Freedom from shame
There is forgiveness
Only call on His name.
He came that all should live
and none He wished to die.
Second chances He will give
He waits for your heart's cry.

~ Jennifer Suggs, GA ~
[ by: Jennifer Suggs, Copyright © 2009 ( ) -- submitted by: Jennifer Suggs ]

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