Going Home

When Jesus' job on earth was done,
the Father Called home His Only Son.

Just before He left this earthly place,
He Spoke to His disciples face to face.

He said "Teach the world what I've taught you,
so all shall know what they must do.

Repentance and baptism you must teach,
try to save every soul you can reach."

He said " My part is Finished and I must go away,
to be with my Father and there I shall stay."

Then He rose to Heaven, out of His disciples sight,
leaving the eleven to fight the good fight.

One day His Father will send Him to us once more,
when He opens for us, that Heavenly door.

Then He'll take the faithful to His home in the sky,
where there will be no more sorrow and no one shall die.

When we see our Father on His Heavenly Throne,
we'll know in our hearts, we were never alone.

[ by Pamela Gayle Smith, ©1999 -- from Chaplain777-owner@yahoogroups.com ]


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