Two Good Little Boys.

They Were Good Little Boys, Really

Oh the dear little things, just wanted something exciting and they got it in spades.

Little Billy & Willy were good little twins but they were getting bored.
When they went to bed early that night their little spirits soared.
Billy came up with a great idea one that would bring excitement & joy.
He decided tomorrow they’d curse, which was so unusual for this little boy.

“Gee, what will you say Billy, this sounds like a lot of fun?”
“Oh, I think I’ll say freakin, then I’ll just get up and run.”
“How about you Willie, what did you decide to say?”
“I think I’ll say, sweet bippy, I can’t wait till after I pray.”

“That’s great Willy, practice hard so you won’t forget.”
So all night they practiced, their curse words were all set.
Billy woke early and went straight down to the kitchen fast.
Thinking how much fun this would be, it would be a blast.

Billy’s mom asked, “honey, what kind of cereal do you want?”
Billy thought and thought and said, “I’ll have some freakin flakes.”
His Mom stood there horrified, “what was that you said?”
I said, “I want some freakin flakes and she bopped him on the head.

Willy stood in the doorway, “Now what do you want Willie?” Willie had the shakes.
“Well, you can bet your sweet bippy, I don’t want any of those freakin flakes.”
So naturally they would be bored for a whole lot longer,
Because their Mother's determination was a whole lot stronger.

~ Bonnie May ~
All Rights Reserved

Bonnie was born in Shamokin, Pennsylvania in 1945. Poetry has been her passion for 50 years and she has had many of her poems published. She wrote a children's story as a senior in high school, that was later published as: "The Tale of a Rabbit's Tail." Since then she has published: "Grandpa, When Animals Die, Do They Go to Heaven," children's book and two poetry books, "My Heart Wants to Tell You" and "MY HEART WANTS TO TALK! TALK! TALK!." These books can be purchased through

[ By: Bonnie May Copyright © 2008 ( ) -- {used with permission} ]

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