Grace, Not Works

She attended church every Sunday.
She sat on the very front row.
Whenever the church doors opened,
She always wanted to go.

She visited people who were sick.
She gave food to those who had none.
She was always the first to volunteer
for things needing to be done.

She freely gave her money
to missions to spread the gospel.
She was loving and kind to others.
To her nothing seemed impossible.

She considered herself a Christian,
as did all her other friends.
She knew when she got to heaven,
God would lovingly welcome her in.

On that final Judgment Day,
she was standing in front of me.
She was smiling and so excited
for in heaven, she knew she would be.

But when the Book of Life was opened,
and her name wasnít written down.
The smile which had once been on her face,
now instead turned into a frown.

She said, "My Lord, I donít understand
why my name You cannot find,
for I have done all a Christian should do
I worked for You all this time".

He told her, "you didnít read my word
or you would understand,
that works donít gain you eternal life
only by grace can you enter My land".

She pled her case to Jesus
But He said, "I never knew you.
I offered to you the gift of life
and you were told just what to do.

Through my beloved apostle Paul,
My words were given to you.
You could only be saved by grace through faith
and it was a gift from Me to you.

Good works alone will not save you.
You cannot earn your place, you see.
You did do many good things on earth
but in your heart, you didnít have Me.

Yes, you were a member of the church,
and heaven you wanted to see.
But You didnít accept My redeeming blood
which I had shed to set you free".

He turned her away and called to me.
I was the next in line, you see.
He said, "your name is written here.
Enter my gates to dwell with Me.

Heavenly treasures you shall embrace,
for you to enjoy throughout eternity.
For by accepting My free gift of grace,
you have shown your true love for Me."

[ by Emily McAdams Copyright © 2002 -- submitted by: Emily McAdams ]


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