Grandpa Prayed

I remember my Grandpa
to this very day,
and how he would bow down
in church to pray.

He would step out
from his seat into the aisle,
and bow down on one knee
with a serene smile.

Closing his eyes
he bowed his head,
and I remember how special
was the prayer that he lead.

Praying to God
was serious business to him,
and when he prayed
it was just the two of them.

I wonder about the men
and how they prayed today.
You don't see them on their knee
it's just not done that way.

Is it because they're embarrassed
at what people will say?
Do they think they will look foolish
on their knee that way?

Well, my Grandpa was well thought of
back then and ...
where do you think
he wound up in the end?

[ by Delores Wood (April 30, 1989) -- from 'Guidewords' ]


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