I do not need a compass to point me on my way
for I rely upon the Lord to guide me day by day.
I know that if my heart is focused on his plan for me,
I will never miss the clues he meant for me to see.

He is the Savior of my life who knows my every need
and if I follow his advice, I know I will succeed.
I cannot help but marvel at the wonders God has done.
His love for me was great enough to sacrifice his Son.

I look toward my future now through very different eyes;
I pray the Lord will guide me and make my choices wise.
Though fame and fortune pass away, his love will see me through.
If I will place my trust in him, he'll teach me what to do.

When trouble comes, I call on him to take away my fear,
and when the prayer has left my lips, he whispers in my ear,
The broken pieces of your life I came to make them whole.
Come, my child, my gift to you is your immortal soul.

~ Linda Gleason ~
Copyright © 2010
All Rights Reserved
[ By: Linda Lee Gleason, Copyright © 2010 ( ) -- submitted by: Linda Gleason ]

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