Happy Valentine's Day

There's a day filled with love
It's called Valentine's Day
The air is filled with good wishes
With joy to chase sadness away.
There are heart shaped boxes
They're seen everywhere in stores
Filled with superb sweet candy
Chocolates...few folks ever ignores.
It's a day filled with memories
There's boxes of sparkling rings
Gifts are wrapped with great care
There's lots of pretty red things.
Love is seen and felt among strangers
There's smiles and laughter on many faces
It is a day that is very special
Love is genuine in lots of places.
It's a day that most folks enjoy
I wish this love would forever last
It fades as a rose in the garden
Much too quickly and it is past.
I'm wishing you lots of happiness
Enough to last through the year
I'm sending God's Love to you
Just enjoy all this Valentine cheer.
Have a real happy day!

~ Leona I. Miller ~

[ by: Leona I. Miller, Copyright © 2007 -- submitted by: Leona I. Miller (Poems4Today@webtv.net) ]


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