He Called Me His Child

I was all geared up, to run this race,
I started out, with a smile on my face,
As I began to run, I was slowing down,
I really tried, and I began to frown,

My eyes were a blur, I could hardly see,
My mind was made up, that was the key.
My thoughts were dull, I couldn't think,
I wanted Jesus, to give me a drink.

With my ears I listened, I had to hear,
To see if my Father, was still very near,
I caught a glimpse, of His dear face,
Then I knew I could make it, by His Grace.

I ran a little farther, I came to a curve,
I slowed down as I began to swerve,
My feet became steady, I did rejoice,
The next thing I knew, I heard a voice.

He called me his child, He said to rest,
I could picture me, leaning on His chest,
With my mind on Him, I felt renewed,
I'm glad I listened, and never argued.

He knows what's best, for us each day,
That's why it's important, for us to pray,
I did just that, it helped me for sure,
And by His strength, we all can endure.

We are never alone, He is with us now,
He went before us, to show us how,
He loves us all, really just the same,
We belong to Him, trusting in His Name.

It won't be too long, till Jesus will come,
We want to hear him say, "well done."
All that do serve Him, surely are blessed.
It's 'gonna be worth each trial and test.

[ by: Mary Eldridge © 2002 (I_Serve_Jesus@webtv.net) -- submitted by Mary Eldridge ]


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