He Gave You Wings

          Tonight He gave you wings
          So fly my friend, fly
          Soar and rise above
          The clouds in the sky

          Your body has been made anew
          Perfect in each and every way
          Enjoy your new health
          Knowing that it will always stay

          No more help needed just to walk
          No more oxygen tanks to lug
          Life now has a quality for you
          No need for any drug

          Tonight He gave you wings
          Setting you free from all conditions
          No more boundaries
          You are free from all limitations

          No more loneliness
          As you joined your life long mate
          Who went before you
          Who met you at heavens gate

          Although I cry tears for myself
          For you, I have a smile
          My friend Iíll see you again someday
          But Iím still here for awhile

          Iíll miss you my friend
          But for you my heart sings
          Your suffering has ended
          Tonight He gave you wings

[ Kathleen Shelton Poulson (KathleenPoulson@postmark.net) -- from Kathleen Poulson ]


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