Image of Jesus Christ leaving the cave with two angels kneeling.

He Has Risen

"He is not here;


as He said."

(Matthew 28:6)

          The stalwart guards stood watch that day
          around a dead man's grave.
          Not mindful that He was the Lord,
          they stood there, bold and brave,
          till all at once they fell away
          without a chance to fight,
          for Jesus had returned to life,
          and vanquished sin's dark night.

          The angel band drew near to praise
          and glorify their King.
          They crowded in to worship Him
          and hallelujahs sing:
          for they had longed to comfort Him
          as on the cross He hung,
          but He bore all the suffering,
          this Savior, God's own Son.

          My sin was pardoned on the tree
          that held this blessed Christ;
          He took the punishment for me
          and paid sin's awful price.
          Only the perfect lamb of God
          could love a wretch like me
          enough to die, enough to live,
          enough to set me free!

          The empty tomb, a witness stark
          that Jesus lived again,
          and soldiers fearing for their lives
          knew Christ was no mere man!

          O Jesus Christ, my dearest Friend,
          O King of heaven and earth,
          Though ages pass, no tongue can tell
          the measure of Your worth!
~ Connie Faust ~
[ by: Connie Faust, Copyright © 2009 ( -- submitted by: Connie Faust ]

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