He Is The Answer

Before I met the Lord Jesus,
I carried a heavy load of care,
No matter where I would turn for an answer,
The hopelessness would always be there.

The world seemed to have so much to offer,
As I attempted to fill the void in my life,
But after all had been said and been done,
I was left only with emptiness and strife.

Then one day I finally came to my senses,
Realizing my search had all been in vain,
I was looking in all the wrong places,
For the completeness I so longed to gain.

Then I looked to my precious dear Savior,
His nail pierced hands were outstretched towards mine,
You see, the whole time He had patiently waited,
For me to experience His presence divine.

And as I prayed for my Lord's forgiveness,
Finally knowing the great sacrifice He made,
His perfect peace and love overwhelmed me,
My great debt He so willingly paid.

All my burdens were finally lifted,
The search had now come to an end,
The missing part of my life I discovered,
Was the Son, our Heavenly Father did send.

- Linda Lee Wolovich -

[ by: Linda Lee Wolovich Copyright © 2003 (llwolo@yahoo.com) -- submitted by: Linda Lee Wolovich ]


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