He Walks Through Your Storm

Her life was in shambles
Or so it appeared
Youíve heard the stories
But God had her ear

She was stretched to a limit
She was humble and meek
She was broken and sorry
She was tired and weak

Time kept its ticking
Life kept its stride
Hope sprung eternal
Pain ebbed to low tide

To some small degree
Her circumstance altered
Her step has more purpose
Where once it had faltered

But ask her one question.
Sheíll smile at the thought.
"Just why did this happen,
Just what were you taught?"

In response she might tell you
Though you might think her odd
"Without the dark troubles,
Iíd have missed faithful God."

"Now Iíve stories to tell
Of His love never-ending,
My trust in His wisdom
No longer is pending"

"He walked with me always,
I see that truth now
And I love Him so deeply
In ways I hadnít allowed.

"So, why did I struggle
Through such horrible pain?
Perhaps my story will help you"
When you call on his name."

Like raindrops on flowers
Like silver refined
Like storm clouds in summer
They can simply remind

God can work though our trials
He can grow us in rain
Standing only in sunshine
Finds us withered - in pain.

Bask in the sunshine
But rain will soon fall
Drops may seem dreadful
A thorn just like Paulís

But Godís grace is sufficient
He walks through your storm
Heís proud of your story
And the heart Heís transformed.

Glenn A. Hascall

[ by: Glenn A. Hascall Copyright © 2003 (cmi@prairieweb.com) -- submitted by Glenn Hascall ]


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