Young boy and girl cooling off with a sprinkler.

Heat Wave

The pavement bubbles,
The breeze dies down,
Birds hide from the heat,
The hills are burned brown.
The trees are all drooping,
Turning dusty and gray;
You water at night
And cool off in the spray.
You pray for relief,
You can't sleep at night,
You wonder how long
You'll be stuck with this plight.
Just when you think you
Can't stand any more heat,
Fog rolls in off the ocean
On its soft little gray cat feet.
Everything draws nigh, it may even rain.
Heat waves don't ever last,
Sooner or later they end,
But to old people and tots,
They are really no friend.

~ Mary Eileen Butera ~
Copyright © 2011
All Rights Reserved

[ by: Mary Eileen Butera, Copyright © 2011 -- {used with permission} ]

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