Heaven's Gate

        Lord I'm coming, Lord I'm running
        Skipping steps all the way to your gate.
        I know I have faltered, thanks to faith I've altered
        Escaping my bondage of hate.

        For too long I was selfish, reckless and cruel
        Refusing to regret my actions as a fool.
        An arrow from heaven found its way to my soul
        Since then till now giving love as my goal.

        Blessed by my children and the treasures of life
        Blessed by income, hard work and a wife.
        Led by your wisdom to combat what is wrong
        Blessed by your grace, worship and song.

        Age is upon me but I'm not afraid to die
        All that I stand for will be viewed by and by.
        I don't expect a mansion or wings to help me fly
        Only to serve you and yours in the sky.

        With one foot in heaven and one down on earth
        I pray to be remembered and judged by my worth.
        If I'm forced to camp, just outside your gate
        I will still be grateful and not, "hesitate."

~ Tom Zart ~
Soldier For The Lord

[ by: Tom Zart Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Tom Zart (zart08@netzero.com) ]


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