Heaven's Heroes

        Winning souls tend to change everything,
        Including who and what we are.
        When our darkness within transforms to light
        And our eyes have the luster of a star.

        We must always pray for the lost among us
        Who eagerly race toward the wrong direction.
        So they may know their own repentance
        Blessed by God's, grace, love and protection.

        All of heaven's heroes have suffered remorse
        From hate, fear, lust, loneliness and war.
        They do what they do with deliverance of heart
        Defeating the dark side of life and more.

        Noah found safety within the beams of his ark
        To endure heaven's cleansing of earth.
        Moses the deliverer, climbed a mountain
        Descending with God's guidelines of worth.

        David the shepherd, a boy among men
        Slew evil's giant with a flying stone.
        Samson the strong man, broke from his chains
        Toppling the temple with God's help alone.

        Jonah was swallowed by a monster fish
        To be cast up on shore with a prophecy to tell.
        Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to the cross
        And without his forgiveness we're doomed to fail.

        Lord I'll feel blessed to greet all your heroes
        When it is my time to escape my woes.
        I'll clutch their hands and kiss their face
        As we celebrate the journey we chose.

~ Tom Zart ~
Soldier For The Lord

[ by: Tom Zart Copyright © 2008 -- submitted by: Tom Zart (zart08@netzero.com) ]


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